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robri Finally I've got some money to buy Neurotech's discography! And if I had, I would give much more than now and maybe than I will ever have. This music is great, especially Stigma, my favorite album for 3 years. It's beautiful, I still replay that songs (as well as from other albums) and I've never tired of it like it usually happens with all artists. Favorite track: Built to Last.
Matteo "Medhelan" Brusa
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Matteo "Medhelan" Brusa The most perfect synthesis of Neurotech's sound so far, brilliantly written and produced. Favorite track: Built to Last.
John Arktor
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John Arktor This music is so amazing, so dense, so awesome. Favorite track: Built to Last.
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Stigma 03:38
From the beginning Until the end Unanswered questions Relapse again Battle of reason Death of free will When senses betray Hold tight and persevere Fear the Fear The sky becomes clear There is no one Nobody is coming to save you Save yourself Fear the Fear Year after year 'Cause I've noticed Nobody is coming to save you Save yourself With two intentions To push and sustain A downward spiral Every step of the way Sense of rejection Thoughts unexplained Death of perception Intimacy evaporates Save yourself
Of Adversity 04:53
Beneath the cold inlay Distant and unnamed This skin is shed but thin Where to start, where to begin Four eyes cannot see the same Just say those words that hurt In myself I've found the strength to say A storm is coming I won't succumb to fear I hope Never to return To that place Where I don't want to be I must not Forget what I've learned In that place Of Adversity No light can shine through me Resistant yet inflamed From innocence into a cold embrace Some scars may never see the light again Four eyes paint a different trail Repeat those unheard words Despite your tears I've found the strength to say A storm is coming I won't succumb to fear I must not forget how this world is meant to be seen I must not forget I must not
Are we prepared to go? Where the fire burns A place we can face ourselves Open the gates To deliverance Why should we try? We are insignificant No, no this time Not this time Lead me with your story Lead me with your life Tell me what you're thinking Tell me all your lies Lead me with your future Lead me on your path Tell me all your wishes Tell me are we built to last Are we strong enough? To build each other's trust And to escape from these chains Open the gates Tell me are we built to last
Before the dawn There was no understanding No thoughts were formed Through ashes and pressure We found our hidden hearts Our view on pain and pleasure Was careless, but nonetheless The crown of thorns kept flashing What we've repressed Engraved tears In light come clear A graceful light Disappears from your face Disappear into nothing From nothing to divine sky Shadows, forgotten rejoice Hear my voice Do you remember when we fell And there was no one To pick us up Just embers of our last time Our last goodbye We've been here before And we are here again Waiting for our darkest hour
Brighten 04:19
What you've passed on to me Will stay until the end of days Forever Time stops on the verge of decay Forgotten cause, no need to remain Maybe it's a sign how I will always miss you Or maybe there are voices at play Telling it's too late Here comes the sun Don't listen to what they say It will come anyway It may brighten just one day Don't fear what they say It will come anyway And it will brighten yet another day Among shadows in the dark We carve our names These voices will stay Until the end of our days 'Cause we are in this together Undone Here comes the sun
For one last time Before I go away Hold still Don't be afraid Take this part of me Breathe Ease your pain We can work it out Just remember this We find our strength through hardships Otherwise we cannot see the truth We find ourselves through hardships Everything has a point of view Through difficulties Through suffering Trial to the other side Of pain Things will get better You are not alone


Written / Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Wulf

Additional guitar reamping by Matic Mlakar (The Kraken Productions)

Artwork & design by Surya Djalil


released June 7, 2015




Neurotech Slovenia

Slovenian composer / producer Wulf is:

NeuroAxis [ambient / downtempo]

Neurotech [metal / electronic]

NeuroWulf [trance / futurepop]

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