The Catalyst

by Neurotech

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DJ Baetal
DJ Baetal thumbnail
DJ Baetal Thank you for a decade of inspiration wulf , sad to see an end but no matter what is done after this , there is no doubt that whatever you touch will turn to gold , all the best to a legend :) , thank you wulf , as always a stunning album , waiting with baited breath for the box set preorder to add to cd collection:) Favorite track: Thoughts Become Air.
Martin Mitrev
Martin Mitrev thumbnail
Martin Mitrev A strong end to a 10 year adventure.
Thanks for all the music Wulf and looking forward for whatever you have in store for us next. Favorite track: The Seductive Void.
Roni Laukkarinen
Roni Laukkarinen thumbnail
Roni Laukkarinen Thanks for everything Wulf. I love every single album you have produced. It was a pleasure! Greetings from Finland. Favorite track: The Flame of Faith.
Miguel thumbnail
Miguel Hell of a final album, Wulf. Thanks for the many years of beautiful music and good luck to you on your future endeavors. Favorite track: The Flame of Faith.
Jonathan Neill
Jonathan Neill thumbnail
Jonathan Neill The new album is a testament to you once more. Thank you for everything you've done. You're music is my sanctuary I will never stop listening to it. I am sad to see Neurotech go but I am looking forward to the future. May your next journey through this world bring you deeper insight and greater inspiration. Thank you. Favorite track: Reconcile.
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The 8th and final album by Neurotech

Written / Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Wulf

Guest female vocals by Tamy
Artwork & design by Matevž Avbelj

'The Catalyst' marks the final step of Neurotech's evolution and I consider it to be the best parting gift to the project I devoted the last 10 years of my life to. It's time for me to move on and explore other musical ventures.

Neurotech's 10 year anniversary (2007 - 2017)
'A Decade of Futurism' - 10 CD boxset containing all 8 albums and 2 EPs will be available for pre-order soon.

Thanks for your support over the years



released June 23, 2017




Neurotech Slovenia

Neurotech was a one man outfit run by Wulf from 2007 - 2017.

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Track Name: Act I - Enter
Track Name: The Catalyst
Enter into this vast dimension
Enter in two opposite perceptions


At last we will remember
This siege is our endeavor
At last we will remember
In here we're not forever

Let us begin

Track Name: Our Burial Ground
Waking the visions of our fallen paths
Of things we can't just forget
With wicked precision they're crafted like holograms
And we burn underneath the surface of our hearts in vain

We can't accept or believe all the things we don't fully understand

When we turn the lights out
We taste our burial ground
We turn the dark into a spark
We're free to see but kneel to feel alive

We are a lie
We are lie

Back in the region from all our aftermaths
From underworld
With sinking decisions created from the thoughts below

We can't accept or believe all the things we don't fully comprehend

We don't know
Track Name: Sleepwalkers Lifeline
Lying awake
Concealing the fate
On this journey

Lying awake
Reoccuring checkmate
Until the very last day

Through the white and
Through the grey and
On the contrary

What is right and
What betrays
There's nobody left to blame

Race through the night
Is payed with sunlight
Unable to find
Bewildering right signs
Race through the night
Is payed with sunlight
I'm aching to find
Sleepwalkers Lifeline

Lying awake
Fueling the hate
Without mercy

Lying awake
Processing heartache
Fatal mistake

I've seen the mask come down
We are the fallen
With an urge to unify
Track Name: Act II - Adapt
Track Name: The Flame of Faith
Adapt the cells
That feed you time
Adapt the cells
That fortify
Adapt yourself
To combat decline
Adapt yourself
Help the one inside

Adapt the cells
From black to white
Adapt the cells
From parasites
Adapt yourself
So you don't need to hide
Adapt yourself
To detach and decide

We're trying
We're denying
We're dying

We're passing the flame of faith
Even moonlight has left this place
With each passing day

We're trying
We're denying
We're dying

With all the things said
With all regrets
With every breath
There's no turning back

With all the feelings that
We've kept
With all the memories
That fade to black
Track Name: Epitaph
Gaining recollection
Of lost artifacts
That could leave a trace

Remembrance of affections
A hollow phase

Another step back

Toward the stairs
Onward to grace

Painting the perception
Of aging unopen case

With a grave dissatisfaction
In and out of place

Another step back

Toward the stairs
Onward to grace

An unfinished epitaph
Which could carve itself
It's something we've never had
Just lingering hurt instead

It's something we've never had
Track Name: At a Standstill
I'm waking up in the morning in afterglow
I'm counting chances to face the status quo
From zero to none

I'm understanding treason in the shape of gold
I'm anticipating to face against the flood
It's here to come

Well I'm still standing
With a collapsing portrait
At a standstill everything breaks the same

Well I'm still standing
With a collapsing portrait
At a standstill everything fades away
Track Name: Act III - Surrender
Track Name: The Seductive Void

Everything you take
Everything you give away
Everything you love to hate
Everything you want to see again


Everything that's changed
Everything that's remained the same
Everything that's stayed
Everything that's gone away


You have to make it go away

You have to make it...
Track Name: Reconcile
Trapped antibodies
In a motionless flame
Become indoctrinary
Push us astray

Say goodbye
Let's take each other as who we are
As one
Before we are gone

Silence the story
Unload interface
Conscience is predatory
Deleting our fate
A new day is dawning
And ending this game

Say goodbye
Let's take each other as who we are
As one
Before we say goodbye
Let's take each other as who we are
As one
Before we are gone

What do we say to ourselves
When it gets
Too overwhelming
Track Name: Thoughts Become Air
I'm here whenever
You may find yourself
In need of shelter
From a blaze of the sun

I'm here whenever
You still seek to find
Something better
Grow new wings
Take flight

I hope you'll find
I hope you'll find
Your way back


Until we meet again....

Thoughts Become Air