In Remission

by Neurotech

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robri I still remember listening to this album for a first time and thinking 'wow, so depressive, is something happening with you Wulf?'. And now it's a year and three days after the last Neurotech album. It's really sad that I was kinda right. Eager to know if it will be any new project. Favorite track: The Lost Hope.
the_hitcher23 thumbnail
the_hitcher23 This album holds such a strong hold over me chills me to the core, it has such a strong feeling and immersive understanding to it or something i dont know how to explain music. "As Will Ascends" awe strucks me, "Evolving Equations" tears me to shreads with the pain that is love. Then.. "Alleviate" one of the most haunting death bed soul destroying heart wrenching songs i know to date. I Love This Song. Favorite track: Alleviate.
Mike Clark
Mike Clark thumbnail
Mike Clark When I found out that Neurotech was only one man, I devoured his entire discography with an insatiable hunger. After downloading it for free, I figured I'd support this release with my hard earned money because I know what it's like to be an artist, and I have so much respect for Wulf for allowing us the freedom to choose whether or not we pay for his talented work. Thank you Wulf!
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Retrieve 03:24
Dream Envision Retrieve Recondition
So, this is how far we've come In hostile times Feelings become hollow Never question the goals Of spirit Of mindfulness Of sorrow As will ascends Rises up From the well And as you'll sink again I'll light up The way Caught in the night time glow Accept my hand that you know I never trust the world Never, I just let it go And I swim In exposure
Some things are better not to know From the gutter of emptiness I utter my everything Caught in the web and I don't care Anymore In denial of remedy Viciously crafted melancholy Is paving the way Like never before Breaking out like it's the first time No incident is just like the last one Divided bliss comes from the causes After all, we design our own choices Within Some things are better not to know Sometimes it's better just to go Through hard times There can be so many changes To ease the strain So many ways to rearrange this Just redefine strength of the soul Redefine strength of the soul
Why only words can save you? Say them yourself Just to be sure We brought ourselves Into this world With a disease and a cure The offering of salvation Only you can make Without warning Well, I can't do anything The only way is to turn back time Enter the realm of nothingness Enter the realm of... ...Hope The lost hope Are you still here? Is your heart still beating? I hope you get out of this hole The suffering of salvation Only you can make Without warning Well, I can't do anything The only way is to turn back time Without understanding The pressure will grind us down Between two absolutes There is only decline In withered harmony We could be fine
Reprogram 02:12
Dreaming Envisioning Retrieving Reconditioning
When you're submerged And you're calling out While drowning This scourge Will drag you down And tear your skin Don't give in Evolving to live without Enough said, it's nothing Resolving I'm fading out From this haze There's nothing left This scourge Will break your vows Spit you out Don't give in If you can't Then please stay away Save your prayers I'll break this I've brought myself to you But now I'm contemplating This may never end I've noticed Evolving Calling your name This may never end Resolving I'm calling your name This may never end Again
Alleviate 08:48
Forsaken self Accepts nothing in return Nothing The sound of the rain Washes me from within I've burned the bridges Confined the guilt From the burning heights To the freezing cold I succumb To a deep inner self Where I'm trying to understand The balance Where the value of connection Is now truly gone I'm trying to understand If the battle is lost or won In the middle of the night You kept saying Give me something to go on


In Remission

Written / Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Wulf

Design by Martin Rozman
Additional guitar reamping by Matic Mlakar @ The Kraken Productions


released June 5, 2016




Neurotech Slovenia

Slovenian composer / producer Wulf is:

NeuroAxis [ambient / downtempo]

Neurotech [metal / electronic]

NeuroWulf [trance / futurepop]

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